Becca Bailey

Hi, I'm Becca!

I'm a software engineer who loves to design things. After previous career as an elementary fine arts teacher, I love helping artists and career changers understand software.

I am currently a Software Engineer at Formidable.

Want to learn more?

In addition to my technical work, I am also passionate about mentoring, apprenticeship, and diversity and inclusion.

For more information, view my resume or follow me on twitter! You can also follow me on medium where I write about technology and other topics related to being human.

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Becca Bailey
Mmmm Coffee
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Bouncing Back, But Not Back to Normal



Konmari Your Code: Finding Joy in Refactoring


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Building a Developer-Friendly Interface With Custom Hooks

May 04, 2020

We can treat our code as a user interface by creating readable hooks and tests. Here is some advice for using custom hooks to be a little kinder to yourself or your teammates.

Using React Hooks to Build Single Responsibility Components

May 04, 2020

Why do we need to use React hooks? One reason we might find them useful is to separate our rendering from the more complex logic in our application. In this post, I'm using Conway's Game of Life to demonstrate that separation of concerns.

React Refactoring Tips: Dysfunctional API Boundaries

January 16, 2020

It's no fun when you let your dysfunctional API design mess up your component props. Here's one of my most common refactoring strategies for establishing healthy boundaries.

ES6 Generators for State Management in React

October 10, 2019

We can use ES6 Generator functions to manage state with very little React code.

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